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Dell Children's Blood and Cancer Center School Liaison Position


School is the most important part of a child's life.  Continuing to keep up academically and stay connected with classmates is important for all children diagnosed with cancer. Sometimes it is difficult to return to school after their diagnosis and treatment or after a long hospital stay.  The struggle may not always be medical reasons, but often the fear of classmates teasing them because of their appearance, worrying about keeping up with schoolwork, or maybe feeling isolated from their peers. 


The iniative provides patients with an educational school liaison who maintains ongoing communications between the medical team, the child's school, and their family.  This helps the student return to a more normal lifestyle and feel comfortable going back to school.


Medical Equipment Needs for Dell Children's Blood and Cancer Center

Portable Baby Scale to be able to weigh the babies in the exam room which gives family more privacy and improve the flow for the clinic!

Child Life Supplies 

Movies, art supplies and more for child life located in the Dell Children's Blood and Cancer Center! 

Our Impact

Dell Children's Hospital Teen Room

Our latest project focused on teens who are battling cancer! We funded a teen room at Dell Children's Hospital. The purpose is for a place of relaxation for teens to hang out when they are isolated due to suppressed immune systems and under treatment. It is used as a quiet room for teens to relax as well as a space for Child Life to have events for teenagers to socialize. Click below to see more!

Kendra Gives Back

September is Childhood Cancer Awareness month! Every September we host an evening of shopping where 20% of the profits will be donated to the Mark Felice Foundation! Please check our events page for our next event!

TRI-ing For A Cause

Since 2008, we have beeing TRI-ing For A Cause! The Mark Felice Foundation has been represented in many triathlons, marathons, and other competitive events to raise awareness and fundraise!


If you would like to participate at our next adventure click below!

A Link Between Families and Care

The Mark Felice Foundation is supporting a social worker connecting resources to those going between The Blood & Cancer Clinic and Dell Children's Hospital.  The social worker focuses on patients and their families so that there is no disconnect between the Clinic and the Hospital.  The goal is that parents can stay focused on their children's wellness while someone is looking out for the family's needs during the process.


"Helping families along the journey of childhood cancer and blood disorders is a special opportunity.  Families face such difficult circumstances and my job is to help make that a little easier and allow them to focus on the care and love of their child.  The philanthropic support that allowed my position to be created is a gift that has a ripple effect.  Thank you for your support." - Carmen Gattis


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Mark Felice Foundation at Dell Children's Hospital 

We are very honored as Dell Children's Medical Center named a conference room in honor of The Mark Felice Childhood Cancer Fund!


To learn more about our latest efforts visit our blog!

Emergency Relief Fund

The emergency relief fund was a yearly fund given so that social workers, doctors, and nurses could identify specific needs of patients and their families.  These families could then receive aid in order to solve problems so that they could focus on their children's health. Money has been given to many different areas not covered by insurance.  We have given money for medications, beds to come home to recuperate, shoes, and lunch money after long days in the clinic.


To learn more about our latest efforts visit our blog!

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